Guinea Pigs Go Mad for Pea Flakes!

Posted by guineapiggles on 13 Feb 2020
Pea flakes for guinea pigs

Pea flakes are an excellent treat for your piggies. They are 100% natural, they look like flattened dried peas and guinea pigs love them!

Do guinea pigs need pea flakes?

Pea flakes aren’t a necessary part of a guinea pig’s daily diet but they do make a popular healthy treat. 

These natural treats contain an amino acid called lysine which is a nutrient your piggy can’t produce himself, so it is vital this nutrient is provided in their daily food. Lysine helps their bodies to absorb calcium and it also turns fat into energy. However, good quality pellets should contain this nutrient. 

How many pea flakes a day?

You can feed your guinea pig a few pea flakes each day but if he is overweight you should be cautious and perhaps just give a few as they are high in fat. If your guinea pig is lower in weight you can be a little more generous with them.

What are the benefits of pea flakes?

Pea flakes can really help you when it comes to interacting and helping tame your guinea pigs. By nature, guinea pigs are nervous pets and it can take some time for them to trust you. Getting them to come to you can be a challenge but it is surprising how friendly they can become when a pea flake is on offer.

Try holding a pea flake out to them over the side of their pen or cage and just wait. Be still and quiet and see what happens. 

They may show a little interest and come forward then retreat and this might happen a few times. Then they may get braver, come a little closer, snatch it then take flight with their treat. Next time they will come quicker as they know how tasty the reward is! You can find out more about taming your guinea pig here...

Are they just for guinea pigs?

Pea flakes are not just for piggies and can also be fed to other small pets including rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, rats, mice, degus, chinchillas and even parrots!

Where can I buy pea flakes

Pea flakes are available from several places online but we recommend the Pea Flakes from Small Pet Select who sell a great range of natural products for guinea pigs.


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