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If you are housing your guinea pig outside, you will need to buy a good, large-sized solid and sturdy wooden hutch that stands up to bad weather and potential predators. It also needs to be one that makes a good home for your guinea pigs where they can be happy and feel safe.

To save you time and help you find the best hutch for your guinea pigs we've looked at a lot of hutches. The best ones are the Chartwell or Kendal wooden outdoor hutches (made in the UK) which are available as single storey or double decker and with the option of adding a run too. Some come with integral runs which may also save money on buying separately. The FeelGoodUK hutch is a little under the recommended floor size so is not the best but we've included it as it's a two-tier hutch.

Please note that where we suggest combinations with males and females housed together, the males MUST be neutered to prevent pregnancies. Many of the rescue centres will have males that have already been neutered and we advise you adopt from a rescue centre rather than buying from a shop.

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How Many Guinea Pigs and Recommended Combinations

About Double Decker Hutches

It is always best to buy the biggest hutch you can afford and because guinea pigs like to run around in a large space, a larger single storey is often better than a small double decker hutch. We've included the FeelGoodUK double decker hutch on our chart above as it is a good budget sized hutch considering it also comes with a rain cover.This hutch is slightly under the recommended size for floor space but it is still an good hutch with some great features. It is a lot better than a lot of hutches but if you can afford it, we do recommend you buy a  Chartwell or Kendal as they offer more space.

Please note: The information on this page below relates to the larger hutches - the Chartwell and Kendal housing.

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Hutch Features (Chartwell and Kendal Hutches)

These 5ft and 6ft single storey and double storey British built hutches are excellent for several reasons. Here we list the features which made us choose this over other hutches on the market:

Hutch Size

It is essential to the good health and wellbeing of your guinea pigs that you buy a hutch of the right size. A minimum size for two guinea pigs 120cm x 60cm but a bigger hutch is even better. 

The Chartwell hutches are deeper than most guinea pig hutches you will find anywhere else which is a real advantage for your pets, giving them lots of space to play.

Bear in mind that if you buy just the hutch, you will also need a run so you can either buy one separately or purchase the 6ft hutch/run combo - more about the combination hutch here…

It's important to be aware that there are many hutches for sale online and even in pet shops that are sold as guinea pig hutches but are far too small. Always check the size is at least the minimum we recommend and preferably larger. If you don't have room for a hutch of the required size in your garden or on your patio, it is better you house them indoors in a large cage or consider another pet that doesn't require as much space. 

Sleeping and Play Area

These hutches are divided into a cosy dark compartment accessible by an arched doorway and a larger section with wire mesh where they can get fresh air and sunlight. It's important to make the hutch as warm as possible in the dark area so they that on cooler days they can snuggle up and feel comfortable.

Hutch is raised for air flow

They have 10mm integral legs which raise the hutch from the ground. This is an important feature as it will protect the wood and allow airflow. This is essential to extend the life of your hutch and for the health of your guinea pigs.

Easy to clean

It is really important the hutch is cleaned regularly as outdoor guinea pigs are especially at risk of flystrike, a potentially fatal disease. 

These 5ft and 6ft hutches are designed so they are easy to clean due to the cleaning bars that open at the front under the doors enabling you to sweep out the soiled bedding. With the double storey hutch, this is on the top floor only and the combo does not have this feature.

Fox proof wire mesh

Your outdoor hutch must be fox proof. If a fox has a way to get into the hutch or run then it will do so. The Chartwell hutches are made with fox-proof galvanized wire mesh to prevent attacks. However, foxes are very clever and, as with any hutch, you may need to buy additional bolts or padlocks to make sure there is no way the doors of the hutch can be opened. The Kendal hutch is built with safety from predators in mind with thick side panels however the mesh may not be quite as strong as the Chartwell hutches.

There is also a central wire mesh panel where you can fix your guinea pig's water bottle and hanging toys.

Made with treated wood for durability

These hutches are constructed with good quality wood and built in the tongue and groove style. The wood has been treated with a pet-friendly preservative to make it weather proof. However, it is recommended, as with any hutch, that you use a water-based preservative at least once a year to keep it in good condition.

Easy to put together

These hutches come as flatpack items with instructions on how to put them together. You will need to follow the instructions carefully and make sure your hutch is built so that it is strong and robust. If you're not particularly keen on putting it together yourself, you can usually find someone who puts together flatpack furniture for a living and will charge you just a small fee to do this.


To summarise, these extra large guinea pig hutches are our recommended best buy for an outdoor wooden hutch and have the following features:

  • 2 opening doors for each compartment
  • arched doorway to sleeping area
  • extra large space unlike most other hutches 
  • aluminium latches
  • built to be safe from predators
  • sloped roof so rain falls off the back of the hutch
  • cleaning bars to easily remove soiled bedding (not the combo)
  • treated wood and strong timber construction
  • integral legs allowing airflow

Bear in mind that you will need a run so that your guinea pigs get the exercise they need. Although this is a good sized hutch, they need a regular run-around in a larger area. You can buy a run that attaches to both the 5ft and 6ft hutches - see our shopping lists below.

Shopping lists

To make it easy for you to find and buy the required hutch and all the other items you'll need, we've created shopping lists for each hutch option including bedding and feeding accessories. These are all items we recommend:

Single Storey 5ft hutch shopping list

Double Storey 5ft hutch shopping list

6ft Hutch/Run Combo shopping list

Cheaper Hutch: FeelGoodUK Double Decker Hutch with Rain Cover

FAQs when buying a hutch

Here are some common questions people ask when buying a hutch:

Do I need a hutch cover (hutch hugger)?

You will need a hutch cover (also known as a hutch hugger) to protect your guinea pigs during wet weather. You can buy a rain cover separately for both the 5ft and 6ft hutches which may be needed in both winter and summer. If you buy the FeelGoodUK hutch, you won't need to buy a rain cover as it comes with one of these.

It's important the bedding doesn't become soggy as guinea pigs are very susceptible to illnesses in damp conditions. Please see our shopping lists for links to buy the hutch covers. Check out our shopping lists for the hutch cover for the 5ft or 6ft hutches

Is a two storey guinea pig hutch better than a single storey hutch?

Both single or double storey are fine but as guinea pigs get older they can find the ramp more of a struggle as can guinea pigs who are overweight. However, we have used a double storey hutch in the past and still use a ramp with our indoor C&C cage without any problems for our guinea pigs who are all around 3-4 years old.

Is a 3ft or 4ft guinea pig hutch big enough?

A 3ft hutch is definitely too small. This is less than the minimum hutch size recommended by the RSPCA for keeping guinea pigs. Even if you only have 1 guinea pig (which is not recommended) it is too small. 

A single storey 4ft hutch is fine for 2 female guinea pigs and a 4ft two-tier hutch would suit 3-4 guinea pigs.However, we prefer the larger ones because it gives them that extra bit of space that make their lives so much happier. You can check out the 4ft Chartwell hutch here…

Is it safe to paint the hutch in a colour of my choice?

Yes, you can use a colour wood preservative which will help prolong the life of your hutch but it's essential you use a pet-safe wood stain. We recommend the Cuprinol Garden Shades for 3 reasons.

Not only are they pet-safe but being water-based, they are easy to apply. You must ensure the wood is completely dry and aired before allowing your guinea pigs in the hutch though.

One of the great things about this paint is that it comes in many beautiful shades including pink, blue, green as well as more neutral colours including white for a cleaner look. Check out which colours are available here…

Keeping your Guinea Pigs Safe Outdoors

Don't forget to read our article on keeping outdoor guinea pigs to ensure your pets are safe and live happy lives. 

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